Rozalin is one of the best immigration lawyer in the country! She came highly recommended to me by several other immigrant friends of mine. I did my on research and personally met at least 5-6 immigration lawyers and finally decided to go with Rozalin. She has a great knowledge of the system and what works and what doesn't work. She gave me several advice of how to make my case stronger. I tried to work on all of them and the result is a successful petition! I recommend her to all my friends and will keep doing the same. If you go with her, you will not regret!

Koushik C.Los Angeles, CA

I simply cannot say enough great things about Rozalin, she is absolutely the best there is!! I got my O-1 visa approved in no time thanks to her and I am now able to pursue my career as a film producer in Los Angeles. I have many friends from film school who went with different immigration attorneys and did not get their O-1 visas approved. Go with Rozalin, you will not regret it!

Alon J.Los Angeles, CA

Elite Immigration is by far the BEST Immigration & Visa service I have ever received in all my travels around the world. Rozalin is a STAR attorney in my eyes. She has helped me acquire the right Visa at the right time.... saving me Time and enabling me to get the opportunities I worked so hard for. I first got my coveted O1 visa and later she smoothly transitioned me to Green Card. She is professional, pleasant and very sharp when it comes to getting the job done. I feel really BLESSED that she handled my case. I would recommend Elite Immigrations to everyone who wants to save time and get on with their business. Thank you for YOU Rozalin. Forever grateful!

Elisha K.Los Angeles, CA

When I was in Grade 2, I dreamt of coming to America, to work as an actor in Hollywood. To everyone, this dream and this vision sounded ludicrous and unattainable. Today, that dream is a reality - Rozalin, I appreciate this more than you will ever know, for all the help and support you have provided me from the very first day, not only for the O1 visa but also for the Green Card application process. You have gone above and beyond to transform my dream into a reality. I don't even have words to thank you enough for all the hard work you have put into getting my O1 and Green Card approved on the first go. I don't think I can ever repay you for making this very complicated and stressful O1 and Green Card application process so easy for me. You have my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

Rakesh D.Los Angeles, CA

Rozalin is one of the best immigration lawyer in the country!

Koushik C.Los Angeles, CA

Today I got my O-1 visa approved thanks to a professional and great work by Elite Immigration Law firm, namely my lawyer Rozalin Benlevi. My DP recommended that I turn to Rozalin to apply for O-1 visa. At the very first meeting Rozalin was straight and honest. She said 90% of directors applicants get rejected but carefully reviewing my case she agreed to give it a chance. And it worked. We got my status approved fairly quickly. However, I traveled outside the US and had to apply for a visa. I don't know why but it took us three months before the US consulate approved my visa. Now with the new administration it seems all the O-1 cases undergo administrative processing at DC. So it's very important that your lawyer does her job well since the administrative processing means additional examination of your case. Rozalin provided great support during this period even though she didn't have to. I'm genuinely thankful to Rozalin for her professionalism and outstanding work!

Ruslan A.Los Angeles, CA

I've been working with Rozalin for the last three months for my o1 artist visa. Before working with her, I had been given high recommendations to work with her from friends who had approved visas. Before we started working on my case, she sent me ten documents to get my case started, very different to most lawyers who charge a fee for a consultation appointment. She outlined the process clearly. Rozalin always responded to my questions and my case in a punctual manner, literally sometimes within 5 minutes of sending an email she would have a reply. After submitting the visa and expecting to wait four months from immigration, I get an approval after two weeks. I highly recommend Rozalin, and have already been referring her to my friends. SHE IS THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES!

Jamie-Lee D.Brooklyn, NY

My O1 process was extremely challenging due to other law firms who really didn't care! I found Rozalin and she got me approved! She worked so hard to get me through my process and went above and beyond. I honestly and whole heartedly recommend her.

Mary C.Los Angeles, CA

Rozalin was easy and amazing to work with. She helped me with my 01 work visa and was easy to communicate with throughout the process. I didn't even get to meet her in the beginning and had to correspond solely via email due to applying overseas, however she is very personable and reliable at responding that it is was no issue. I was referred by my acting manager to her and I'm glad I went with his referral, she has helped many foreign performers, students etc get into America affordably and legally. I got 2 different visas through her. I have referred others too and will continue to because she is priced cheaper than other immigration attorneys and has a great office in Beverly Hills. She keeps things simple and stress free.

Mish S.Los Angeles, CA

Elite Immigration is by far the BEST Immigration & Visa service I have ever received in all my travels around the world.

Elisha K.Los Angeles, CA

Rozalin is just simply amazing. I found my visa process efficient, clear, concise, professional, very helpful & accomodating. Rozalin has you going through the process with ease & calmness, with assurance in every step of the way, I am quite sure all people would want this level of comfort & professionalism the whole way through. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Again, thank you Rozalin.

Sam T.Los Angeles, CA

If you have a goal to achieve or if you have a dream that you are desperate to complete, you must use the extraordinary skilled and experienced lawyer Rozalin Benlevi Kahsani as your contact. I have contacted more than 30 lawyers all over the U.S. to prepare my O-1 VISA case. I'm blessed to have worked with Rozalin. She will prepare for you bullet proof paperwork, and every process is so detailed and precise. Choosing her as your immigration lawyer is the smartest move for this entertainment industry especially in Los Angeles. I strongly recommend Elite Immigration Law, This is the best investment you can make!

Ikuma M.Los Angeles, CA

Rozalin made a not so simple task, simple. She took over the timely process of sifting thru mounds of paperwork and made our lives stress free and easy. She has love, passion and professionalism for what she does, and she does it extremely well. We are grateful for her help, and recommend her above and beyond the 5 stars given here.

Dietch P.Los Angeles, CA

Rozalin is great with her clients and walks them through every single step. She was very reassuring through the whole process and calmly explains all the possible outcomes. Her office is efficient and super professional. You are not alone in this stressful time if you choose to have Rozalin by your side. I highly recommend her services.

Asia D.Los Angeles, CA

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